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At indigoScott we put people and community first in all of our developments. We are all too aware of the urgent need for good quality, sustainable housing, particularly in the South of England, and our aim and objective is to create developments with long term appeal and low impact on the local and wider environment.

With our environmental principals in mind, Abbey Wall sustainability includes:

  • Target EPCs are all 'B'.

  • Residents will benefit from a Car Club with 3 years paid membership. We will add each and every home owner to the scheme so you are ready to go once you've moved in.

  • The design of Abbey Wall focuses on optimal building fabric standards, energy efficiency design of building services and utilises energy efficient appliances.

  • Abbey Wall complies with Building Regulations Part L1a and the National Housing Standards.

  • The development optimises the available roof area, to provide renewable technology, in the form of PV arrays – which contribute toward the Landlord Meter i.e. energy for common part lights and lifts and plant alarms etc.

  • The development design reduces CO2 emissions by over 35.00% against the Part L 2013 benchmark figures, in line with Merton Core Planning Strategy.

  • Each apartment has a Gas saver energy efficient boiler, high levels of insulation, energy efficient white goods and double glazed windows.

  • There is a MVHR system to each apartment (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) – this is a continuous source of ventilation that extracts stale, moisture-laden air from a building and resupplies fresh, filtered air back in, resulting in a comfortable and condensation free environment all year round. It can offer substantial savings on heating bills compared to using normal bathroom and kitchen extractor fans and opening windows for ventilation.

  • There is a cycle store on the ground floor within the building for secure bike storage – facilitating sustainable and healthy transport and leisure.

With community central to every development we deliver, our principal aim is to make a positive and long term contribution to the people living and often working in our developments.  

When it comes to recruiting, we always try and recruit from the local community and use local contractors wherever possible.


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